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We can't even

We can't even try to have a legit job and make an honest dollar for a day of hard work without being harassed. In this edition of "you should just comply", we see a young man get harassed by a police officer in Harris County,Texas while trying to hand out business cards as he and his brothers do some yard work. Fun fact: in the state of Texas you don't need to provide anything relating to your identity to a cop until after you're at the very least detained. Lying about it afterwards becomes a crime.

In the video we see the cop ask for an ID because the kid "fit the description". After being well within his rights and refusing to give up any info, the teenager then asks the cop for his info. Any reasonable person would've either said "yes" and given up the info, or "no" and not worried about it. This officer decided to try to arrest the teenager for asking him about it, and this is where the video cuts off. After the video we fin…

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